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We are a community of extreme experience providers and enthusiasts

The idea for the The Extreme Bucket List started four years ago at the Olympic Bobsled Run in Lake Placid, NY, USA. As I was assisting with the Geoff Bodine Bobsled Challenge I was talking to some of the NASCAR drivers and we were all swapping stories of wild adventure. After I was through telling them how it feels to crash a bobsled at 90 MPH and to slide on your head for a mile I told of one of the highlights of my life which was taking a ride with the Blue Angels. I just happened to be in the right spot at the right time. One of the driver's said that was his dream to fly with them and I told him that I would point him in the right direction to do just that. In the meantime I picked up my cell phone and made some calls. Literally within a few minutes I asked him whether a flight in a Russian Mig would suffice!


Within weeks, I was getting phone calls asking if I had other connections. I never thought about it, but I did. A good friend of mine owns an Expedition Company that treks Kilimanjaro and Base Camp at Everest, another has a company in the Keys and films for Shark Week on Discovery. I googled the net and found that there wasn't one site as a reference or to give ideas one may not have ever heard of. For the next three years I would personally go on adventures and forge relationships with the biggest and best names in the business. The Extreme Bucket List is your source for the best in anything Extreme. Why go anywhere else when you can chat w/ Olympic Gold Medalists, one of CNN's Inspirational Citizen's of the Year, the first blind Climber to Conquer Everest and the list goes on.


However, as I was a few years into the project, I realized that the stories I found most inspiring and motivating where the one's where people did amazing things while dealing with physical or emotional challenge or adversity. I was in awe and knew that the site had to not only include, but feature. Even today, first thing in the morning I will read a blog from The American Widow Project or the Challenged Athletes Foundation. Check out the site and you will find adventures that are right around the corner from you. If you have an idea, shoot us a messgae and we will point you in the right direction as well. Come to be Inspired or to Inspire.

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